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28/05/2020 Blog
Due to the impact of COVID-19, many schools have delayed graduation ceremonies. But you can still celebrate your graduation ceremony at home with your beloved family members! Let’s see what OSBO can do to celebrate the graduation.
What if the Graduation is Delayed?
27/04/2020 Blog
The choir is an indispensable main force in church service. She not only takes on the role of serving God and praising God in the worship etiquette, but also is the spokesperson for interpreting and displaying the truth.
Do You Really Know the Choir?
20/03/2020 Blog
Religion is a cultural phenomenon that has developed to a certain historical stage in human society, and belongs to social ideology. The historical development of any nation in the world is more or less related to religion, and the existence of religion can be found.
How does Religion Influence your Life?
06/03/2020 Blog
Graduation ceremony is an important part of university etiquette culture. A good graduation ceremony not only promotes campus culture, but also is an important carrier of inheriting the fine traditions on campus.
Why Graduation Ceremony is Important?
26/02/2020 Blog
Do you want to know why do you wear gowns at graduation?As a matter of fact, the tradition of graduating in a degree uniform dates back to at least the 12th century, when the first university was established in Europe.
Why do We Wear Graduation Caps & Gowns at Graduation?
08/02/2020 Blog
The graduation season will be accompanied by a graduation ceremony. May is the most concentrated month for graduations at American universities. Do you want to know more about the graduation ceremony culture in the United States? Here we will briefly introduce it for you.
What’s the American Graduation Ceremony Culture?
26/12/2019 Blog
Here are the steps we take to create the perfect graduation frame for you.
10 Steps to Design the Perfect Graduation Frame
30/06/2020 Blog
The ceremony of the graduation ceremony has lasted for hundreds of years. Students who graduated from British universities will be fully affirmed by the school. Let’s explore the secret of Britain's graduation season.
Are You Looking Forward to the British College Season?
31/07/2020 Blog
During this special time, please keep distance when you are in class. If you are at home, please keep learning. Click here to learn more.
Keep Distance, Keep Learning!
28/08/2020 Blog
Kindergarten graduation is vital to each child. The children have spent three years of happiness and joy in the kindergarten. So it’s important to hold a kindergarten graduation party to children.
How do you Plan a Kindergarten Graduation?