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29/10/2020 Information
OSBO is committed to bring the best graduation robes and religion robes to our customers. Our professional production process can prove our strength.
9 Professional Production Processes
25/09/2020 Information
Today let’s have a discuss about the way to improve your learning methods.
3 Ways to Improve Your Learning Methods
28/08/2020 Information
Kindergarten graduation is vital to each child. The children have spent three years of happiness and joy in the kindergarten. So it’s important to hold a kindergarten graduation party to children.
How do you Plan a Kindergarten Graduation?
31/07/2020 Information
During this special time, please keep distance when you are in class. If you are at home, please keep learning. Click here to learn more.
Keep Distance, Keep Learning!
30/06/2020 Information
The ceremony of the graduation ceremony has lasted for hundreds of years. Students who graduated from British universities will be fully affirmed by the school. Let’s explore the secret of Britain's graduation season.
Are You Looking Forward to the British College Season?
22/11/2019 Information
The Canton Fair has ended more than a week. What kind of experience do you have over there? From October 31 to November 4, lasted 5 days, we displayed our products to customers and established deeper friendships with them.
OSBO Attends 2019 Canton Fair and Meet Clients
23/12/2019 Information
The Christmas and New Year holiday is coming near once again. Best wishes to you!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
26/12/2019 Information
Here are the steps we take to create the perfect graduation frame for you.
10 Steps to Design the Perfect Graduation Frame
18/01/2020 Information
From 21st January to 6th February, we will take CNY(Chinese New Year) leave to celebrate the Spring Festival during this period.
Holiday Notice of 2020 Spring Festival
08/02/2020 Information
The graduation season will be accompanied by a graduation ceremony. May is the most concentrated month for graduations at American universities. Do you want to know more about the graduation ceremony culture in the United States? Here we will briefly introduce it for you.
What’s the American Graduation Ceremony Culture?