What’s the American Graduation Ceremony Culture?


What’s the American Graduation Ceremony Culture?

The graduation season is full of memories of youth. For students, attending the graduation ceremony is a major event in life. Due to the different styles of the schools, the ceremony has become a unique sign of the universities. Actually the graduation ceremony of American universities has a long history and has become the most important ceremony for the American people in addition to weddings.

Academic Regalia

First, graduates are required to book their Academic Regalia few weeks before their preparation for the ceremony. Graduation suits are generally divided into three parts: the robe, the hood, and the academic cap with a tassel.

Generally speaking, graduates from different universities who have been awarded different degrees and majors will have different styles in details. In addition to the graduates who need to wear regular graduation gowns, teachers, mentors and school leaders who participate in the ceremony also need to wear the same formal dress. Their dresses tend to vary from their degree, the honor they are awarded, and so on.

Traditional Ceremony

Different schools have their own different ritual processes, but usually, the graduation ceremony can be divided into four steps. The first is the academic procession, which is divided into two stages: teachers attendance and students attendance.

After that, the official ceremony began. The academic marshal will introduce the leaders to all the guests, and then will introduce the keynote speaker of the graduation ceremony in detail. Usually, colleges and universities will invite the most successful celebrities of their alumni to give lectures to the graduates, which is considered to be the most meaningful part of the ceremony .

Cap and Gown Etiquette

For undergraduate graduates, they need to put the tassels on the graduation cap on the right side of the hat before the ceremony. During the ceremony, they will change the tassel from the right side to the left side of the brim to symbolize their upgrade to a bachelor’s degree. After that, all the teachers and students will sing their school song.

The most inspiring moment is when all the graduates take off their hats, scream and throw them into the air, and then give each other a big hug. At the end, graduates can take photos with family, friends, teachers, and will attend the dinner together. What’s more, many graduates will hold a graduation party for relaxing at that day.

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