Are You Looking Forward to the British College Season?


As we all know, the ceremony of the graduation ceremony has lasted for hundreds of years. At first, it also borrowed from religious ceremonies, so that some religious elements are still retained in the current ceremony, making the ceremony more solemn. 

The graduation ceremony of the British undergraduate degree is held in July every year, and the graduation ceremony of graduate students is generally scheduled from November to March of the following year. Because there are many graduates, it will be divided into different time according to different majors.


Students who graduated from British universities will be fully affirmed by the school. The school leaders will read the names of each student at the ceremony, and announce the academic achievements and contributions of graduates during the school, and invite students to come to the stage to grant degrees , Which allows relatives and friends under the stage to witness this very meaningful moment. In addition, doctoral students who graduated from British universities can also let the tutor hang a drape for him personally.

As an important part of the graduation ceremony, the president's speech is of course an indispensable part of the graduation ceremony of British universities. When the president of a British university gives a speech, most of them are calm and heavy, and some are even a little rigid and pragmatic. Most principals will emphasize the social responsibility of graduates and contribute their talents to the society. And as a representative of the school after entering the society, it is necessary to maintain the reputation of the university.


Academic Gown

In terms of clothing choices, boys usually wear a tie, white shirt, black trousers and black leather shoes; girls wear black skirts and high heels. However, it is also suggested that the little partners wear shirts regardless of men and women, because the collar of the bachelor suit is not easy to fix, and the girl in the skirt can prepare a brooch. It’s recommend to buy a graduation gown to attend your graduation ceremony. The bachelor clothes of different schools are different. The ribbons on the bachelor clothes are divided into different colors to represent different professional degrees. Some styles are not even the same. Don't worry if you don't wear a bachelor's uniform, someone will wear it for you that day.

Whether it is about to leave the student career or continue to start a new learning journey, the completion of the ceremony must be filled with emotion.