Why Graduation Ceremony is Important?


Why Graduation Ceremony is Important?

Why graduation ceremony is so important to people? As a matter o f fact, the graduation ceremony on campus is characterized as a kind of "social behavior" of the school from the perspective of the study of cultural anthropology. Because the graduation ceremony of colleges and universities is a ritual that symbolizes the end of students' studies at school and is about to enter the society.

Graduation Ceremony's Place in Campus Culture

Campus culture is a value judgment reflected by the general behavior of teachers and students in a school. It is abstract and conceptual. It is often expressed in various forms such as atmosphere, exhibition boards, campus student organizations, evening parties, ceremonies, etc, and implicitly affects students' values, outlook on life, and outlook on the world. The middle school graduation ceremony is also an important part of the ceremony, and an important carrier for the inheritance and development of campus culture. Because it not only has deep historical and cultural heritage, but also inherits the campus's and society's spiritual ideas and value pursuits, it is an effective way for the individual socialization of students and promote the harmonious development of campus culture.

The Importance of Graduation Ceremony

1. Inheritance and Development of Campus Culture

Graduation ceremony is not just a farewell ceremony on campus, it is endowed with a higher meaning in the new era. A good graduation ceremony can make students feel the sacredness of the ceremony and spread campus culture. It’s a good way to show the strength and culture of campus.

2. Achieve Graduate Identity Conversion

Graduation ceremony cannot be used as a single sign of ending school. It marks the end of a person's academic career and the beginning of a new career. It is a meeting point for the beginning and end of an era. Actually, graduation ceremony is a microcosm of students' hard work. Hence, graduates can realize that they will graduate form their campus and to be a social work man.

People are born ritual animals. The word "ritual" sounds fluttering and has been deeply engraved into the cultural genes of human beings. Not everyone can clarify their beliefs, goals, and responsibilities without relying on any foreign objects. The graduation ceremony, a youth ceremony that took place at such a special moment, is even more powerful. The sense of ritual provided by the graduation ceremony gives people the courage to say goodbye to their school days and helps us perceive faith, meaning and our own strength.

Of course, life does not change suddenly on the day of the graduation ceremony, and our growth is by no means a day-to-day effort, but a continuous process that runs through life. However, the graduation ceremony provides a sense of ritual, allowing us to feel the weight of change and growth in the most intuitive and strong form, so that we can more clearly and vigorously bear what we should bear, as a society One's responsibility.